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    diagnostic pack usage by dbcontrol alerts


      Oracle SE-One on Oracle Linux 5.6 x86-64


      At all of my previous shops we had EE with all options, so this was never an issue that even came on the radar.  Now I am using SE-One.  I understand that the Diagnostic and Tuning packs are not available on SE.  But I'm rather surprised that in trying to set up alert notification, I can't even edit some very basic metrics (say, "Instance State").  When going to to the All Metrics page, clicking any specific metric results in "The page requested is part of the Database Diagnostics Pack".  Really???  Even basic stuff like that, that can be checked in real time at the dbcontrol home page?  Does this mean that the entire alerting system is essentially DOA for SE installations?

      Or am I missing something subtle -- or not so subtle?