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    Buggy/Glitchy dropdown menus



      I've recently moved my dev work over to my arch linux setup and have a strange issue with (seemingly) all JavaFX applications.

      Dropdown and similar menus all seem to have problems registering mouse movement over them. For example, in the JavaFX Scene Builder, if I mouseover the initial menu items - 'File, Edit, View' etc - they highlight and seem to work fine. However, once I select one of these items, and the dropdown menus open, selecting menu items from the dropdown list with the mouse is glitchy (works fine via keyboard) - the best way I can describe the behaviour is that it is as if the mouse location/movement is not being detected or processed correctly. As I move the mouse cursor over items, they are rarely selected/highlighted immediately, the highlighting often 'flickers', and sometimes refuse to detect the selection at all, however much I move the mouse around on the desired item. I have noticed that elements under the dropdown's list will react as if they are being mouseovered (for example, a vbox with a combo and a couple of checkboxes - when the combo is selected and the dropdown menu opened, trying to mouseover an item in that dropdown from the combobox will seemingly trigger the mouseover effects on the checkboxes underneath...).


      For the record, this is with the Prism SW pipeline/j2d and seems to occur regardless of the sdk version used (have tried the latest JDK7 and the dev preview JDK8(b106), and with the bundled runtimes with the Scene Builder). Gnome3, XFCE4, Cinnamon all tried with the same results. Running the proprietary catalyst/fglrx(13.8) drivers for an AMD 7970.


      Any help or pointers much appreciated - no amount of research has given me any clues as to how to resolve the issue.