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    PeopleTools with LDAP


      Hello team,


      I am seting up LDAP with PeopleTOols 8.53.01 and having issues extracting the roles.  If somebody can point me If i am missing any steps... Please advise.


      1.  Configure the Directory and can ping the LDAP server 

      2.    2.  Setup Authentication Map

      33.  3. Setup a User Profile Map, using selecting any default roles

      4.    4.   Created the Membership Rules

      5.     5. The Role exist in PeopleSoft and LDAP and its dynamic members as I can Test rule and get the user id

      6.      6. Signon PeopleCode is enable for Password_controls, LDAP_AUTHENTICATION, LDAP_PROFILESYNCH is enabled as well

      7.     7.When I got in I can see the User created in PeopleSoft but the roles doesn’t get populated from LDAP the roles tab remains blank cauing the user not to login as nothing is assigned to it.



      adsAny help would be appreciate.