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      Hi ,

      I am getting message in EM that process limit is almost 99% full. I want to find out where  bulk of the processes are coming from or what they’re doing? Please provide me the script. I will appreciate your help.


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          pls help

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            user10890219 wrote:


            pls help

            Patience, Grasshopper


            You posted this follow-up a mere eleven minutes after your previous post.


            This forum is not a chat line, and it is not paid support.


            Everyone here has a job for which they are paid, and this forum is not it.


            No one is responsible for monitoring it and giving a quick response.


            Furthermore, it is a global forum.  The person with the information you seek may very well live 20 time zones away from you and was going to bed just as you posted. He will not even see your post for several more hours.


            Your original post went up in the middle of the night for half the world.


            No one with the information you seek is deliberately withholding it until you sound sufficiently desperate.



            That said,.  have looked to see what you can learn by querying v$session?

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              ------------------------------ ------------------- --------------- ----------

              processes                                       67             400        400

              sessions                                        84             417        624

              i want to find out where this MAX_UTILIZATION is coming from. I see my current utilization is 67 but still i get alerts that    Metrics "Process Limit %" is at 99 . I want to query and find out max_utilization.

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                Please tell me how I could find all MAX_UTILIZATION location by sql?

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                  davidp 2

                  Where are you viewing this information ?  You haven't given us much to go on.

                  select * from V$RESOURCE_LIMIT;

                  select * from DBA_HIST_RESOURCE_LIMIT where snap_id = (select max(snap_id) from DBA_HIST_RESOURCE_LIMIT);


                  V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY will show you information about what sessions were connected, when, if you have the Active Session History licensed and turned on.