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    Clear Data


      hi all.


      What is the difference between clearblock an cleardata using FIX statement??






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          I think the differences in usage are laid out pretty clearly in the Technical Reference entries for CLEARBLOCK and CLEARDATA.  Although there is one notable error in the documentation - CLEARDATA on a purely sparse combination does actually remove blocks from the database.  See Cameron's Blog For Essbase Hackers: Stupid Programming Tricks #6


          I'm not totally clear what you want to know, though.  If you're asking how a pair of snippets like the following differ (functionally)...


          FIX ("New York")

               CLEARBLOCK ALL;





          CLEARDATA "New York";


          ...the answer (per Cameron's blog post) is that they don't.  And that's true if you choose a dense member too.

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            Celvin Kattookaran

            @TimG I've seen that (which Cameron posted) happening with the new versions.











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              My question is....Is better use clearblock?? why??



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                >>My question is....Is better use clearblock?? why??

                ^^^Do you want to remove blocks or not?  Despite what I blogged about, CLEARDATA is not (and doesn't, when the dimension is dense) remove blocks.  You might (quite likely) do want to keep those blocks around for allocation/calculation purposes.


                If you use CLEARBLOCK you will remove the blocks as per the Tech Ref:

                "Sets cell values to #MISSING, and if all the cells are empty or #MISSING, removes the block."


                Just remember that despite the documentation, CLEARDATA can remove blocks if pointed at a sparse dimension member.


                As for whether one is better than the other given the above guidance on removing blocks, it's my favorite (and most constant) Essbase answer:

                It depends.






                Cameron Lackpour

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                  My experience the only time I used CLEARBLOCK was when there was a block error in the cube.
                  I was able to narrow it down to the blocks that were causing the issue. Using the CLEARBLOCK managed to resolve it, CLEARDATA didn't.

                  However for all of my calculations where I need to clear data I still use CLEARDATA.


                  We should start a poll....





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                    Hi Jimmy


                    Just curious to know what do you mean by "My experience the only time I used CLEARBLOCK was when there was a block error in the cube.". What kind of Block error you are talking about?



                    ORACLE | Essbase

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                      Hey Amarnath


                      I think the error was something to do with the Invalid Block Headers (IBH)


                      Again I am not stating that the CLEARBLOCK function will always resolve the above error.

                      But it did when I had the issue with 2 of my clients. I had to keep redefining my FIX statement in my calculation to trace the blocks that were potenially causing the error.