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    ASO formula help Urgent....

    Raja Mohamed

      Hi Experts,


      I have member fomula which holds the value of actual or budget based on the actual load. Formula working fine as expected however aggregation not happening.


      Member Name : Forecast (Abs) (solve order 25)
      case when islevel ([time].currentmember,0) then (case when IsEmpty([PY_PER]) and IsEmpty([PY_PER_REVENUE]) Then ([Last Year Budget (Abs)]) else ([Last Year (Abs)]) end) END


      Member Name : Forecast Test (solve order 30)

      CASE WHEN IsLevel ([time].currentmember,0) THEN [VIEW].[Forecast (Abs)] else  (sum([Time].CurrentMember.Children,[VIEW].[Forecast (Abs)])) end


      The above formula is rolling up only till month level but month level value is not aggregating to the qtr level and qtr level to year level.


      Our time dimension is multiple hierarchy enabled. Primary hierarchy is Power year(Year-->week-->date) and secodary is Financial year(Year-->qtr-->month-->date(shared)).


      All help is much appreciated.
      Raja Mohamed