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How can we split the image when its added dynamically ?

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Hi Experts,


I have an image where i'm calling a DAL in Entry tab Data section under section level properties.As you know that will execute during Entry process.In that DAL i'm Adding an image based on the user choice during entry.


When image added that should be accomedate the spaces availale in the form.First half of the section can accomedate in the first page and secound half will go to next page.


I have used CANSPLITIMAGE rule,but that is not get executed during entry process.


Can someone help me How to split the image during entry process when its added dynamically ?




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    Aside from what you might think of as the origin placement, Gendata rules are not run during Entry operations. As such, you are not able to do what you describe in versions before 12.2. Starting in 12.2, you still can't execute Gendata rules, however there is a newly supported feature when DAL adds a section that will look for the existence of the CanSplitImage rule and assigns an internal attribute that will allow the section to split during entry. This isn't the same as running the rule, but the net effect should be acceptable. (At some point in the future, perhaps this internal attribute will become something you can just set when adding the section on the form and you won't have to specify the CanSplitImage rule at all - for Batch or Entry. That would be great.) In the meantime, if you are not using 12.2, your only option is to break your section up into smaller section components and add them separately. That should help minimize unused space on the page when something doesn't fit.


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