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    Fault policy : Retriving human invervention retry count or instance start time


      We are on SOA and following set up are in place in our environment.

      1. In our fault policy we are capturing the remote fault and its action is at retry for 3 times and on failure, the instance is marked for human intervention.
      2. All instances in manual intervention are scheduled to be retried every 4 hours.


      Based on the above set up, the instance is being retried periodically and at timesm we noticed that some of the instance are failing continuously due to remote fault. We are thinking of modifying our fault policy, such that if an instance has failed after 5 human intervention recovery, we want to re-throw the fault (instead of marking the instance as human intervention). In order to achieve this, we would like to know, how to retrieve following data in fault policy or in java action class

      1. The number of time, an activity has been retried via human intervention.
      2. The number of times, the fault has occurred in the instance
      3. The actual start time of the instance
      4. Any other info, which can help us in deciding the further course of action for our instance.


      Based on the above information, we would build some logic to decide, whether the instance should be marked for action as human intervention or re-throw the fault.