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    Accessing properties across hierarchies in a version


      Dear all


      Can someone tell me if there is a way to access property values in a hierarchy from another hierarchy?


      I'm trying to access a property value in a different hierarchy from my current hierarchy.


      In essence i'm trying to pick up the value automatically from another hierarchy and display it in my property attached to my current hierarchy (trying to establish a relationship).


      Both properties have been defined as local and values have already been populated for the nodes in the hierarchy i'm trying to reference.


      I tried various ways like defining properties as global nodes once for each hierarchy as a test but nothing works.


      i want the changes made to a node property in a hierarchy to be reflected automatically by another node property in another hierarchy.


      This is quite urgent. Appreciate your help in this matter.


      Many Thanks


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          Murali Pasumarti

          1.     You cannot inherit a local property value of a node on to a different hierarchy, this is only possible with Global properties, when the the nodes share same name

                  and when you define the Primary hierarchy as the controlling hierarchy.

          2.     On what basis you are trying to establish the relationship?, is there a particular condition it has to pass, if so you need to define a property as derived with that 

                  condition and specify to refer the Property value from primary if it passes the condition.



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            Hi OracleDRM


            Thanks for your response. I'm trying to use Country and Currency related attributes in other hierarchies as i have to establish a relationship between the hierarchies.


            So if i change a currency or country it should automatically reflect in other hierarchies where it (property) is being referenced.


            Node names are not the same (for example, EUR for currency as a node name and BE for country as a node name). Both hierarchies are flat lists rolling up to a top node. But i want one of the properties (Currency ID and Country ID) from each hierarchy to be referenced in other hierarchies like Business Unit for example.


            i don't want to maintain values locally for every hierarchy. Am looking for a solution where i can maintain Country and Currency properties i'm trying to reference in other hierarchies as master lists.


            I tried to define the property i'm referencing in other hierarchies as Global Node but it didnt work (cos the node names are not the same).


            Any ideas?



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              To add to the above, the requirement is when i change a node name in the currency hierarchy, it should automatically reflect in the country hierarchy when i select a country.


              I'm holding all currencies for every country as a pre defined list in a property where a user can select a value. So if a user changes 'EUR' in the Currency hierarchy to 'ERU', i should be able to see the change reflected in the country hierarchy when i select a country for example Belgium that it applies to.


              How do i achieve this?



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                Hello Vij,


                What you can do here is create a Global Defined property (Custom.CurCountCode) and chose the Data Type as Associated Node Or Associated Nodes depending upon how you want your design to be- E.g. If USD is being used by more than one country you may want keep the data type as Associated Nodes, but if it is a strict one-to-one mapping you may want to opt for Associated Node.


                Now using this will enable to you directly link the nodes of Currency Hierarchy to the nodes of your Country Hierarchy and when you change any node names in any of the two hierarchies it would reflect in the assigned value on the property Custom.CurCountCode.


                I hope i have understood your requirement correctly and that this helps resolve it.




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                  Hi Denzz


                  Before i even saw this reply from you i exactly did that!!!!!! how coincidental......


                  it just clicked in my brain.... was scratching my head the whole day for this simple solution.....


                  many thanks for the reply though.... it is working!!!!!