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    11g Forms Tab-Page Navigation


      I am using Forms 11g on Solaris.


      A main navigator form opens another form which has a content canvas, tab-page canvas and (3) stacked canvases.


      The problem I am having is with tab-page navigation.     CTRL+TAB ( next ) and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB ( previous )


      As long as I do not initiate navigation from an item on a stacked canvas, navigation is as expected ( between tab pages only ).


      However, navigating from an item within a stacked canvas causes navigation to the parent form.


      Repeating the tab navigation keys from the parent form returns to the called form.


      Note that both key-combinations simply toggle back and forth.


      I have found no documentation on tab-page navigation so any help / insight is greatly appreciated !



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          The Navigation can be done at various levels...


          In Data block level you can make the fields in the datablock to navigable and you can make the navigation on or off from one datablock to other...


          On the other hand you can rearrange the columns in the datablock so that the navigation order will be based on the navigable items ordered in the datablock...


          You can change the navigation in the field level property next navigation item..Previous navigation item etc.,


          Set_item_property & Set_block_property will help you in this...


          For your problem, Change of the navigation block in the stack canvas will solve your problem


          If not let me know


          Hope this will help you,




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            Hi Soofi !

            Changing block order in the called form does not affect the navigation between tab pages.


            Note in my question that the resulting undesired navigation is to and from the calling form ( which only has one block ).


            Navigation between items and blocks works as expected.


            To reiterate -


                 The only navigation that fails is when I attempt to CTRL+TAB or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB to another tab page from within an item on a stacked canvas.


                 Attempting this navigation results in moving the cursor focus to the calling form.


                 Repeating the attempt from the calling form moves back to the called form.


                 None of your methods mention navigation between forms .


            Thanks for your interest.