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    Should db_link be recreated after impdp?




      I have imported schemas (impdp) from production database (10gR2, RHEL 64bit). One of the schemas has a db_link.


      The db_link points to a database that exists on the same server - both in production server and also on the new server where I imported the schemas.


      When I run a simple query in production using this db_link, it works but when I run the same query on the test server (where I imported the schemas), it gives me following error:


      ORA-02019: connection description for remote database not found


      I run this in prod database:


      Select count(1) from SOME_TABLE@my_link;


      when I run it in new database, it gives the above ORA error - even if I qualify the table and db_link with the schema owner like this:


      Select count(1) from the_owner.some_table@the_owner.my_link;


      NOTE: I am not running these queries as schema owner - I do not know the password. I am able to connect to both databases like this from the command prompt:


      $ sqlplus user@/password@db1

      $ sqlplus user@/password@db2


      Does this mean that I need to recreate the db_link - perhaps every time I import?


      Best regards