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    MMORPG development- where to start?


      ive done a little goofing around with java C++ and ive decided i like the language and would like to start educating myself on the dynamics of browser-based game programming.

      When i was young i remember being mesmerized by how simple and yet complex the game Runescape was, id like my game to be the same in the following areas: arrow keys rotate camera view, same type of combat (click on creature and players avatar walks up to it and attacks it, and follows it if it moves.) click to walk to destination.

      this game isnt going to be the most graphically pleasing and i expect it to look like diablo1 and Runescape had a special kind of child..

      for now lets ignore all the details concerning how im going to set up my server to get this game online.


      what do i need to learn to achieve my goal?

      please post a list of books ill need, along with anything else i may have missed.

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          I suspect you are going to need some more basics before you can start doing anything in a "browser".


          Typically these days neither java nor C++ is used in a browser so you would need to learn something else first to get the browser to work.  And browsers talk to servers so you would need to learn the basics of how to create a client server.


          You can do that with both languages but in terms of learning you should start with one.  Probably java.  You would normally start with a framework\application like Tomcat if you would doing java but that is a rather steep curve if you don't know the basics of client server first.  But there are books on it.