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    was any one sucessfull in setting session variable's through go url in


      I followed the below blog to modify instanceconfig.xml to set session variables through Go URL, when add the below tag saw server is failing to restart, Did anyone try this? is there any update to thi stag in ?



      <UserIdPassword enabled=”true”>


      <Param name=”NQ_SESSION.DSN” source=”url” nameInSource=”DSN”/>





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          Yes, we can set session variables thru GO URL parameters, <Auth> tag is not supported for OBIEE 11g though do not try to add that tag.


          1. Go to authenticationschemas.xml file located at C:\<MW_HOME>\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\web\display (there is 11gdocumentation about making changes to this file when integrating with some other application)


          2. Locate the comment <!-- Group for HTTP POST login --> in this file


          3. Located the <AuthenticationSchemaGroup> under this comment


          4. There would be 3 xml tags as mentioned below. These are values that we usually pass as params in Go urls. Assumed that since we add the new session variable names in <Auth> tag in 10g, this might have translated to "type=auth" in 11g.


          <RequestVariable source="url" type="auth" nameInSource="NQUser" biVariableName="UID" options="trim" />

          <RequestVariable source="url" type="auth" nameInSource="NQPassword" biVariableName="PWD" options="secure"/>

          <RequestVariable source="url" type="proxyUserAuth" nameInSource="RUNAS" biVariableName="NQ_SESSION.RUNAS" />



          5) Add the new entries along with the above entries : Save the file


          <RequestVariable source="url" type="auth" nameInSource="SETVAR" biVariableName="NQ_SESSION.TEST_VAR"/>


          6) Restart the services.


          7 ) Use the Go url in the format given below:




          Hope this helps,