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    Reg iscsi Lun issue when stmfadm view is specified with Host Group and Target group mentioned


      We have Solaris 11.1 OS and create pool and exported to ESXi host via iSCSI.we followed the below procedure.


      Created zpool

      created a Zvol and a Lun

      Created a host group

      Added Host group and ESXi host iscsi iqn

      Created a target

      Added target group and target iqn

      created a view ( stmfadm add-view -h host-esx93 -t target-esx93 600144F0020000000000523908B50008 )


      When we scan the lun using the IP and target iqn in the vSphere client then the lun is not getting detected.


      When we remove the view and attach to all system then we could see the Lun while do the scanning.


      May I know, why add-view is not working when HG and TG are specified.


      Note:- this system provides Lun to multiple ESX server , (it has many target iqn created and mapped to different systems ,we didn't see the issue there)