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    4 EA2 Group By advice is wrong if there is a column alias.

    Jim Smith

      Given the following query


      select snap_id,dbid, event,event_id, p1text, p1 file_no,sum(time_waited) time ,sum(p3) blocks
      from dba_hist_active_sess_history
      where event is not null
      and p1text='file#'
      group by snap_id,dbid, event,event_id, p1text, p1
      order by snap_id, event

      The select list is underlined in yellow and the suggested correction is to change the group by clause to


      event, snap_id, p1text, event_id, dbid


      As well as being in a bizarre order, it is missing p1.

      If I remove the file_no column alias, it seems to work.