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    Essbase applications taking long time to start when using Windows cluster and opmn


      We have an active/passive Windows 2008 server cluster for Essbase  we are using the opmn service to manage Essbase service on the nodes.  Essbase works fine on both nodes

      It takes 7


      -10 seconds for each of our applications to obtain a lease.  see below a sample Lease Log for one app.  Same time delay shown in all our apps.

      [2013-09-18T05:22:48.41-04:00] [Licenses] [NOTIFICATION:16] [LM-4] [] [ecid: 1379496168235,0] [tid: 3576] Lease manager logging is initialized.

      [2013-09-18T05:22:55.131-04:00] [Licenses] [NOTIFICATION:16] [LM-39] [] [ecid: 1379496168235,0] [tid: 3576] Lease Database Connection Information:

      [2013-09-18T05:22:55.131-04:00] [Licenses] [NOTIFICATION:16] [LM-41] [] [ecid: 1379496168235,0] [tid: 3576] ODBC Driver [DataDirect 6.1 SQL Server Native Wire Protocol]

      [2013-09-18T05:22:55.131-04:00] [Licenses] [NOTIFICATION:16] [LM-40] [] [ecid: 1379496168235,0] [tid: 3576] Host [mdsql] and port [1433]

      [2013-09-18T05:22:55.131-04:00] [Licenses] [NOTIFICATION:16] [LM-43] [] [ecid: 1379496168235,0] [tid: 3576] Database [HYP_SS]

      [2013-09-18T05:22:55.131-04:00] [Licenses] [NOTIFICATION:16] [LM-44] [] [ecid: 1379496168235,0] [tid: 3576] User [sqladmin11]

      [2013-09-18T05:22:55.131-04:00] [Licenses] [NOTIFICATION:16] [LM-47] [] [ecid: 1379496168235,0] [tid: 3576] Lease Owner ID of the authorizing agent is [1561].

      [2013-09-18T05:22:55.148-04:00] [Licenses] [NOTIFICATION:16] [LM-46] [] [ecid: 1379496168235,0] [tid: 4216] Registered Lease Manager with identity [1562].

      [2013-09-18T05:22:55.165-04:00] [Licenses] [NOTIFICATION:16] [LM-26] [] [ecid: 1379496168235,0] [tid: 4216] Resource [Licenses] available. Attempting to sign a new lease.

      [2013-09-18T05:22:55.165-04:00] [Licenses] [NOTIFICATION:16] [LM-7] [] [ecid: 1379496168235,0] [tid: 4216] Lease Manager successfully acquired/renewed its lease.


      This causes slowness on startup, slowness when updating database properties, refreshing security from planning to Essbase, updating essbase because it needs to check the lease each time we do those actions.  Calc scripts, exports, data loads are not negatively impacted.


      the startup of application in dev takes 1-2 seconds, and security refreshes take 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes.


      we logged a ticket with Oracle, but nothing so far.

      Any ideas of the issue or a solution?