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    Report script execution is getting failed


      Hi ,


      We are facing one strange issue while executing the Essbase report script. I am new to the report script and I am not getting how to resolve the issue.


      When we are changing the year in code from FY13 to FY14 the script is getting failed however the same script is successfully generating the report if we keep year as FY13 in code.

      Could you please let me know where would be the problem , below is the part of the code form Report script.


      {MISSINGTEXT "0"}  // replace #Missing with 0
      <Link ((<LEV("Customer", "Lev0,Customer")) AND ( <IDESC("All Customers")))
      <Link ((<LEV("Product", "Lev0,Product")) AND ( <IDESC("All Products")))
      <Link ((<LEV("Period", "Lev0,Period")) AND ( <IDESC("YearTotal")))