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    generate DBC connection for multi node R12


      Hi everybody,


      I've successfully implemented OAM 11g "11.1.2" with stand alone EBS "12.1.3" which means all DB and middle tier under 1 node. Now I'm trying to implement it again but this time with multi node EBS RAC with following architecture:

      NODE 1: DB1 + APPS1

      NODE 2: DB2 + APPS2


      I'm stuck with generating dbc file so later on I use it with OAM& Access gate ....

      normally generating dbc would be like this command:


      java oracle.apps.fnd.security.AdminDesktop apps/apps CREATE NODE_NAME=hostname DBC=${FND_SECURE}/${TWO_TASK}.dbc

      so simple! I'm wondering how would be it like in multi node Arch, do I have to generate in both node for each APPS, or just create it in node1 and move it to node 2??? I'm very confused.

      your help is much appreciated.