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    MySQl and Oracle Enterprise Manager




      I need your help in figuring out some problems I encountered when I tried to install Oracle Enterprise Manager. And I thank you in advance.


      I installed MySQL 5.1.47 (old version) on server nsn175-134.us.oracle.com using the following commands


      shell> groupadd mysql

      shell> cd /usr/local

      shell> gunzip < /root/mysql-5.1.47-linux-x86_64-icc-glibc23.tar.gz | tar xvf -

      shell> ln -s /root/mysql-5.1.47-linux-x86_64-icc-glibc23 mysql

      shell> cd mysql

      shell> chown -R mysql .

      shell> chgrp -R mysql .

      shell> scripts/mysql_install_db --user=mysql

      shell> chown -R root .

      shell> chown -R mysql data

      shell> bin/mysqld_safe --user=mysql &


      I ran mysqladmin --user=root --password=*********. And I also ran mysqladmin --user=mysql --password=*********.


      I tried to install Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c on server nsn175-105.us.oracle.com by running the runInstaller. But I got stuck on step: Configuration Details.


      Database Host Name: nsn175-134.us.oracle.com

      Port: 3306

      Service/SID: ????????

      SYS Password: ???????


      I don't know what data I should submit for the last two entries. I tried mysql and root as user and submitted passwords respectively. But the error:


      ERROR:Exception occurred while connecting to database. Check the connection details of the database you specified and retry.


      String index out of range: 29740

      Unable to connect to the database and validate whether it is a supported database due to one of the following reasons:


          (1) Incorrect credentials

          (2) Listener may be down

          (3) Database may be down


      I verified the mysql database was running and it is running on port 3306. And I can't seem to find 29740 on the Net. In addition, I can't find any useful hints on the Net about Service Name/SID.


      Service/SID: Enter the Service name or the System ID (SID) of the existing database. If you are connecting to an existing RAC database, then enter the service name. (Installation Document)


      SYS Password: Enter the SYS user account's password. (Installation Document)


      I have two questions:

      1) Does MySQL 5.1.47 work with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c? (can't verify on installation document and on the Net)

      2) How do I determine what Service/SID to submit?