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    Smartcut for BQY/job


      We are running Hyperion IR 11. I've got an issue I'm trying to resolve, and haven't found a way to do it yet. So I have imported a BQY as a job in Hyperion Workspace, and it processes its large amount of queries just fine weekly. We previously had a link to the BQY on one of our intranet websites, and the users could launch it and view the report. Since we've imported the BQY as a job to take advantage of this weekly query processing, I'm looking for a way to use a URL to this bqy/job so they can launch the report. Currently, the smartcut on the job takes them to the job and parameters.


      You can open the report from the job, so was hoping I could link the the report somehow.  Any way to do this, or any other recommendations altenatively? All in all, I just want the users to access the BQY by a URL, log into workspace, and its there in front of them.


      Thanks in advance,


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          What Job Actions do you have?


          Save or Import.


          You should have a SmartCut URL to that output

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            That may be my problem..I don't have an output specified. I was sort of hoping the output would be of a BQY nature, not like a PDF.

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              There are 2 job actions for putting a BQY onto WorkSpace.  The one that I prefer is Import.  This allows you to create a BQY from the Job and put it anywhere within WorkSpace.  The Save is a bit more restrictive.


              After you run the job for the first time the Import creates the Entry and Object in WorkSpace.  Then just Right Click on that entry and get the SmartCut URL.  This SmartCut does not make the job run, it is end result of the job running.



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                First and foremast, thank you. I'm good from your instructions, yet that smartcuts only reference either the job itself, or the results of the job. The results of the job are the sql queries etc, but not the report. Is there any way to produce the report itself that the job is processing?

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                  The context in which you use the term "report" makes the term ambiguous.  It may be the entire IR document, a report, a result, a dashboard, or something else entirely.  To reduce ambiguity, I'll assume you actually mean report.


                  It sounds like you don't want users to see the bqy, but maybe a pdf of the report.  Rather than dumping the "output" (bqy) to someplace on the Workspace, create a cycle to export or email a pdf of the report.  Then you don't need a "smartcut" but only a URL or maybe even nothing.