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    Header/Footer Dashboard page



      I can successfully add header and footer to a dashboard page under print options and I am trying to define default header and footer to dashboard page.

      I added the Header.xml file under the below location (created new folder customMessages) and Restart the services.

      when I create a new dashboard page and click save then I am getting error -  'bad xml instance and the error message has the entire below xml'




      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

      <WebMessageTables xmlns:sawm="com.siebel.analytics.web.messageSystem">

      <WebMessageTable system="Answers" table="ViewDefaults">

      <WebMessage name="kuiDashboardDefaultElements" translate="no">


      <element signature="dashboardPage" personalSelections="false">

      <pageHeader showOnDashboard="true" show="true">

      <zone position="top">


      <displayFormat><formatSpec hAlign="left"/></displayFormat>


      <displayFormat><formatSpec hAlign="right"/></displayFormat>



      <pageFooter showOnDashboard="true" show="true">

      <zone position="top">



      <formatSpec fontSize="7.5pt" hAlign="left"

      fontColor="#999999" borderColor="#CC99CC" fontStyle="italic"

      borderPosition="all" borderStyle="single"/>



      <displayFormat><formatSpec hAlign="right"/></displayFormat>










      Any ideas??


      Thank you in advance.

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          What is your overall aim here? Are you hoping to define images in a header that is visible on a dashboard page, or a header that is visible when you print to another output format (such as PDF).





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            Hi GeoC,


            Thanks for the reply.

            I need to have header (with images) and footer (with text) that is visible for print output (as PDF) and no need to be visible on dashboard page.


            Any inputs??


            Thank you in advance.

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              It would be very simple if you could place HTML in the header / footer areas under Print Options. Unfortunately, when you export to PDF, this HTML just gets ignored. This bug has been around a long time and there doesn't seem to be any suggestions it will get fixed any time soon.


              Instead, I would suggest you look in to using BI Publisher for PDF export of the analysis. If you use BI Publisher you can use the analysis as a data source and then create a "Pixel Perfect" report using MS Word. You can then choose the output for the report to be in PDF format. You can even embed the PDF export on a dashboard, which will update automatically when you change prompts, variables, etc. It's very simple to set up and provides so much more functionality than the standard analysis PDF export that you're trying to configure right now. Of course, you can add images and text to headers / footer very easily using this method.


              Check this link for a good guide : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/bi.1111/e22254/create_rft_bldr.htm



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                Hi GeoC,


                Appreciate your time and again this scenario needs to be done in OBIEE as BIP doesnot satisfy all the requirements and I can add header/footer in dashboard page under print options without any issues.

                I need to have it defined default instead,hence the above error raised in the process.


                If anyone has implemented it successfully??


                Thank you in advance.

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                  I am sure that there are many articles written about defaulting the Header/footer for the dashboards.


                  Can you try your code without the images and just text and if it works then just add one image and see what happens. If you do that I think you will have more information about what exactly is bad here in the XML..


                  Or someone who is very good with the syntax can easily help..