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    Customizing the prompt - un editable for particular values

    Satheesh Kumar




      Details: In prompt we have 3 fields, Country, State, City

      Values in the three fields,

      Country  State    City

      ----------   -------   ------

      1)India          TN     Chennai

      2)India          KA     Bangalore

      3)China        SH     Shanghai

      4)China        BG      Beijing

      5)USA          GA     Atlanta

      6)USA          GA     Savannah



      when the user selects the value as ALL in the field1 then field 2 and field 3 should go as un editable.

      ex: when I choose ALL column values in Country, then State and City should become un editable filed, such that user cannot add any values to that field.


      when the user choose any specific country value then it should turn as editable.

      ex: When I choose country India then the user can able to select any vlaue in sate and city.


      Thanks in advance for suggestions.


      Satheeshkumar P