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    netRetryCount and netRetryInterval issue in smart view


      Hi ,


      Few of the users are facing one strange issue while uploading/Retreving the data through Smart View. They are getting below error.

      "The Request Timed Out.Contact Admnistrator to increase netRetryCount and netRetryInterval." I found some of the solutions on forum and tried to apply same however I havent got any success.

      I tried below two solutions.

      1.   We tried to modify IE registry settings.

      2.    Add the following entries to
      the essbase.properties file and restart the APS on Application server





      Out of above two solutions changing the registry setting ( Solution 1 ) partially resolved the issue. It worked when changes applied, but after a restart of the system user is still having the same issue.

      Could you please suggest where would be the problem and the solution to resolve the same !