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    Shipping UOM in Oracle 11i


      Hi All,


      We are using Oracle 11i. We have a requirement to ship goods from inventory in the Shipping UOM rather than the  Primary UOM defined against the item. For example, the Primary UOM for an item is EACH. We have entered a sales order in Pack of 10 (P10) for qty 5. In shipping Transactions we see that the quantity is converted to the Primary UOM and the quantity can be seen as 50. Now, if we have stock available for 26, then the delivery will be split into 26 and 24 and the line with quantity 26 will be pick released, picked and shipped whereas the line with qty 24 will be back-ordered.


      We would like that the pick and ship should take place in the Sales Order UOM which is P10 rather than the Primary UOM (EA). So. the line should be pick released only if we have on hand quantity available in multiples of 10 or it should split the delivery lines. So, in the above example, if we have 26 available in stock, we should be able to pick and ship 20 and qty 30 should be back-ordered.

      Can this be achieved in Oracle 11i where the shipping happens only in the Sales Order UOM rather than the Primary UOM of the item?