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    Security - You have data, reports and dashboards but no security, what is the best approach?


      Hey All,


      Looking for some advice and some documentation on approaching the business to define security.


      Current situation, we have a DW, healthy amount of stars, lots of data, and a fair amount of reports/dashboards.  What we don't have are any security requirements. 


      My question is, in your past experiences, what are some of the best strategies to kick-off this process?  Do you approach the execs, here are a list of Dashboards/KPis and reports, here are all the tables, columns and rows and you tell us which Role, group or user can see what?


      Do you have some good templates that worked well in defining this process? and some good templates used for editing the security in the RPD?


      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,


      Thank you