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    FR Studio moving Cells Issue when running the report in Workspace


      I've created a complex, multi-grid FR report. There are 8 grids and 2 database connections in the report. When I run the report in Workspace for a smaller entity/unit, the report looks fine in PDF. When I run the report for a larger entity/unit, one of the cells in the grid duplicates itself and is shifted down into a second page on its own. The cell is an account cell with a label of "Salaries and Wages." The Salaries and Wages cell shows up in the correct location, but without a number. Then, there is a second page with the "Salaries and Wages" cell and the number that is at that intersection. I believe this only happens when the report is run on larger entities/units and when I view it in PDF, which is the format the users will be viewing this report.


      Also, something to note is that there is a gride to the right of this grid with the Salaries and Wages account, and I tried moving that out of the way and changing the row height and column width but none of those changes fixed the issue.


      Has anyone ever encountered something like this? Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated!!!