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    On Windows Host - How to Concatenate .parts of a VM (.ova files) into single .ova




      I have downloaded the 3 parts of Oracle Linux VM on my windows 7 Host machine. URL -https://edelivery.oracle.com/EPD/Download/get_form?egroup_aru_number=16621066

      Per instructions on ReadMe link,

      1. Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox on your host system.

      2. Download & extract the VirtualBox files. To extract the 3 downloaded files:
      (2a). Extract all 3 zip files using unzip - this will create 3 files with the .ova extension.
      (2b). Run the command "cat VBox* > EM12cR3.ova" to combine the 3 files into 1 .ova file

      3. Import your VirtualBox template:
      (3a). In the VirtualBox Manager run "File > Import Appliance" to launch the Appliance Import Wizard.
      (3b). Click Choose... to browse to the directory you re-assembled all the files in and select the .ova file.
      (3c). You will see the VM "(Powered Off)" when the import has completed.

      4. Once the import has completed, double-click the VM or click "Start" to start the VM.

      5. The VM will login you in to the "oracle" O/S account.


      There is a command to concatenate the 3 unzipped files --> guess thats for Linux host.


      Appreciate your help and guidance regards to concatenation on Windows Host.