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    updating htmldb_Get on ajax javascript (Application Express


      hi. (i am new @apex)

      i have a form the work fine on desktop version, but i need it in jquery version, so i did the changes but now when i call the on demmand ajax process, seems it does not work.

      i guess is because the deprecated htmldb , so i made a change in my jquery javascript updating the way i call the ajax on demmand process:


      this is my old version (worked fine on desktop html form) :

                       var ajaxRequestd = new htmldb_Get(null,&APP_ID.,"APPLICATION_PROCESS=SAVE",&APP_PAGE_ID.);





                       ajaxResult = ajaxRequestd.get();



      this is my new version (not working on jquery thml form) :



                                {"p_request"      : "SAVE",

                                "p_flow_id"      : $v('pFlowId'),

                                "p_flow_step_id" : $v('pFlowStepId'),

                                "p_instance"     : $v('pInstance'),

                                "P1_CODIGO_CLIENTE"  : $v('P1_CODIGO_CLIENTE'),

                                "P1_TIPO_CLIENTE"  : $v('P1_TIPO_CLIENTE'),

                                "P1_NUMERO_ORDEN" : $v('P1_NUMERO_ORDEN')},



                                        var jsonobj = $.parseJSON(data);

                                        //do something with it...





      before making the change for thmldb por $.post, the form did not showed me some alert that the script contains, after the change, now everything on the javascript get executed, but it appears not to execute the ajax process


      what am i missing ?