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    4.0 EA2: Wish for Export tool option for not writing date in export result file




      The new Cart export feature in 4.0 which can be executed as a sdcli command is a very appreciated feature

      As an enhancement I wish to see an Export tool option where it is possible to choose if the date should be

      written in the export result file or not. Currently it is always written in the export result file.


      Reason for why I don’t want a line with date is that when creating one or several export result files, using the

      sdcli Cart export feature, directly into a source code management directory, e.g. a SubVersion directory, the file

      will almost always be indicated as changed because of the line with date, even if the exported data is unchanged.


      Would it be possible to add such an export tool option for the new 4.0 release of SQL Developer ?



      With kind regards,