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    EA2  hangs or takes long time if pks is read-only


      Version SQLDeveloper 4x EA2

      1) Open a SQL Window, choose the database and run any sql (say, select * from dual).

      2) Open a file with .pks extension.

      3) Select the Database and click on Compile.

      4) SQL Dev hangs

      5) Right Click on the SQLDEV in task bar and select "Close".

      6) Popup will appear asking you permission to close the open and unsaved SQL window.

      7) Now cancel and close the read-only file.

      8) Change the name to .sql and compile. It will be compiled almost immediately.

      9) Open and attempt to compile and close the read-only .pks file, a couple of times.

      10) Now reopen the .pks file and compile, it compiles (not as fast as the .sql file).

      Note: However, if I close the .pks file, it hangs. Only to close the file, is to right-click on the window icon on task bar and select "close". when the popup window, we can cancel and revert back to the SQLDev.


      I also noticed that a second SQLDeveloper gets launched (I have not click twice to launch the SQLDev two times). Maybe this could be the cause?

      Can SQLDev team please have a look at this bug?