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    Re: Bug: Cross Connection Query not working



      i am using vers. 4

      and i cannot get BRIDGE to work

      i have posted more on this here

      BRIDGE command in Oracle SQL Developer - Stack Overflow


      i would be most grateful for any help

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          Dermot ONeill-Oracle

          Hi Smachin,


          Thanks for the heads up.

          Its busted due to a change in how SQL Developer loads components. BRIDGE being a migration component, it doesn't load until a migration action is performed (like Copy to Oracle or opening the Translation Scratch Editor).


          Quick workaround: Start SQL Developer, Tools > Migration  > Scratch Editor. Now when you open a worksheet the BRIDGE command will be recognized.

          Note I think there was some work recently on BRIDGE so SQL Dev 4 EA2 should be used.


          Ill work making BRIDGE work without having to do anything special.



          SQL Developer Team.