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    Last_call_et keeps resetting, no other evidence of activity


      I'm trying to debug an issue with a process that pulls a bunch of data into an Access database from a couple of Oracle databases (yes, we're working on killing Access).  Almost everything I can see is telling me that Oracle is doing nothing and it's purely an Access issue but last_call_et in v$session keeps resetting itself which makes me believe that Oracle is doing something.  I'd be really appreciative if anyone can help me figure out what I'm missing.


      What I'm Seeing


      When I query gv$session, I'm seeing the session that Access opened.  Every time I look, the status is INACTIVE, sql_id is NULL, and prev_sql_id is a constant value.  When I look at gv$sql for that prev_sql_id, executions isn't increasing and executions = end_of_fetch_count.  So far, so good, Oracle's off the hook.


      However, when I pull in LAST_CALL_ET from gv$session, that value never gets above 10 seconds.  It's constantly resetting.  That makes me believe that Oracle is doing something every few seconds.  But I can't for the life of me think of anything that it could possibly be doing that wouldn't cause a change in prev_sql_id or a change in the number of executions of the SQL statement.


      Is there something that I'm overlooking here?