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    OBIEE report building issues





        I have 2 facts(F1,F2),2 Dimensions(D1,D2).Both the facts(f1,f2) are connected to both dimensions(D1,D2) and no joins between D1 and D2 nor F1 and F2.


        In my report I need columns from all the tables(F1,F2,D1,D2).I get results if I choose measures from F1,F2 and any column from D1,D2.But whenever I choose any non-measure(Meaning there is no aggregation defined for the column) from both facts and both dimensions then the query fails with "No Fact table exists at the requested level of detail".



      Tried: 1) Making 2 new Logical table(D3,D4) with non-measures of F1,F2.So now I pull columns from F1,F2,D1,D2,D3,D4 it throws error "Illegal cross join within the same dimension caused by incorrect subject area setup"


      2) Tried to merge 2 new logical tables as one but still same as above error.


        Is there any way how to use non-measures in fact tables with my dimension tables.Your quick response is appreciated.


      Background: Using OBIEE 11g and it's not out of box just OBIEE.