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    Scheduling a daily clone in EM12c


      I have several production databases that users want to be cloned to non-production databases on a daily basis.


      I currently do this with OS scripts scheduled in cron to rsync RMAN backup sets to the needed hosts and then run the RMAN commands to clone the target to the auxiliary database.


      I would like to move this functionality inside of EM12c.


      In EM12c from the target database page I have used the "Oracle Database / Provisioning / Clone Database" option to setup up a job to clone database A to database B.  The problem is that this job can either be run immediately or scheduled to run once sometime in the future.  I see no way of making it a recurring job that could run on a daly basis.


      Am I missign something or am I approachign this in the wrong way?


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.