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    1Z0-882 MySQL 5.6 Developer vs. 1Z0-047 SQL Expert

    Philippe Ludwig

      I am working hard to pass 1Z0-047 SQL Expert till Jan 2014.

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          Matthew Morris

          @Matthew Morris

          Do you plan to release study guide for 1Z0-882 MySQL 5.6 Developer? I recommend you, because MySQL has much larger user base and that means more $$ for you.


          I have a list of definite and potential exams that I plan to write guides for.  I am currently working on one for 1Z0-460: Oracle Linux 6 Implementation Essentials and hope to release that in a couple of weeks.  Then I have at least one (1Z0-054: Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning), and possibly two (second undetermined) that I want to do before I start on guides for the 12c exams (1Z0-060 and 1Z0-062).


          When I saw that 1Z0-882 and 1Z0-883 were in beta, I added them to my list.  However, I have no idea when (or if) I'll get to them.  I can guarantee that it will not be this year.  Next year... who knows. 1Z0-460 was not originally in my near-term list of guides to write.  I switched from 1Z0-054 to it because I got an opportunity to take a boot camp for Oracle Linux 6 and decided to write that guide while the information was fresh in my memory.  Because I don't have a contract with a publisher to write this book by that date... the actual order of the guides is fluid and gets determined weeks (or even days) in advance rather than months.