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    Job Management with EM 9i v2 failed


      i try to setup EM to schedule jobs on different nodes. I'm running Oracle 9i v2 on Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP2. Everything looks fine. I can connect to the repository, nodes are shown. Intelligent Agent is running on every oracle server machine. I'm able to create events (like database updown), email connection is working fine.

      Now comes the problem: after creating a job the job can't be run because of VNI-2015 error. It has something to do with user rights on the os level (i think) and prefered credentials. I'm using the administrator account for the node, i checked his policy (Log on as batch...). Everything looks as it should but i get this d*mnd error again and again.

      I try to use different writings like DOMAIN\Administrator or administrator@domain or Administrator. Nothing works.

      Any ideas what i should do to solve this problem?

      Thanks for feedback


      BTW: all services are running in the local system account