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    Why does OracleDIAgent run always?




      I am using ODI on windows 7


      I have created two physical agents in Odi studio namely agent1 and agent2  running on port 20911 and 20912 respectively. When I try to call them from command line using below command


      %ODI_HOME%\bin\ agent.bat -name=agent1 -port=20911


      It always runs the default OracleDIAgent and not my agent...why is that so?


      the OracleDIAgent runs successfully. but then i want the agent1 to run and not OracleDIAgent

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          I guess(looking at name "OracleDIAgent" which is default name of J2EE agent) the issue could be like, you have J2EE agent already configured for ODI & weblogic server is always in running mode. Hence the OracleDIAgent is always started. Also, you can try stopping weblogic server if running & start agent1.


          Can try installing standalone agent from installer, which creates a batch file under agent\bin starting with name like agent_agent1.bat. Try to start with this batch file.

          Make sure you have odiparams.bat correctly configured.




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            @Santy: here is what i did from beginning so that you can understand the problem in  a better way


            during installation wizard for ODI , i tick marked both java ee agent and standalone agent..then in the window where i had to enter agent name i entered test_agent on port 20910. So ODI then later ODI was installed etc properly


            I configured odiparams.bat to point to my master repo along with encode password etc that we normally do to create standalone agent. So first time I created a agent in ODI studio i gave it the name OracleDIAgent (physical agent name) on port 20910


            then I tried to start agent by doing -->  ...\bin   agent.bat -port=20910

            and it runs the oracledi agent


            then now i added one more agent in Odi studio named agent1 on port 20911


            and when i try doing the same  --> ...\bin  agent.bat -port=20911

            it still runs oracleDIAgent.


            So as per what u say, should i execute the agentstop.bat file so that it stops all running agents?


            also in my agent\bin folder i have only agent_PowerAgent.bat file as per what u said which runs on 7002 ...that doesn't work though


            Note: I have not installed web logic server. THis is a fresh installation of ODI

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              So first time I created a agent in ODI studio i gave it the name OracleDIAgent (physical agent name) on port 20910

              So as the agent you created with name OracleDIAgent on port 20910, the behaviour looks normal. ODI will start this agent only.

              I would suggest try giving name other than OracleDIAgent, because its a default for J2EE agent & there may be a conflict while starting.


              Also, you added agent1 on 20911. Is this added in both Physical & Logical architecture in topology ?  It should be added in both & in logical, you need to map to the context.





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                Hi Ashita,


                as you gave the frst agent name as OracleDIAgent, and start in a port 20910 & Another Agent in Port 20911,


                so frst Agent is running & you start another Agent, this is Ok as in ODI u can start Multiple Agent simultaneously,


                as of Naming convention give some meaningful name to ur agent so u won't get confused.


                And if ur confusing ur agent name with


                Web Application Context : oraclediagent.

                then it is totally diff,


                Web Application Context : Name of the Web application corresponding to the J2EE agent deployed on an application Server.

                For standalone agents, this field should be set to oraclediagent only.




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                  i deleted OracleDIAgent and made a new agent...i have given name as new_agent on port 20910...but still it takes OracleDIAgent only while running and throws following error:


                  C:\oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_1\oracledi\agent\bin>agent -name=new_agent -port=20910

                  OracleDI: Starting Agent ...

                  2013-09-23 15:11:10.510 NOTIFICATION ODI-1128 Agent OracleDIAgent is starting. A

                  pplication Server: STANDALONE. Agent Version: - 23/06/2010. Port: 209

                  10. JMX Port: 21910

                  2013-09-23 15:11:13.425 ERROR ODI-1131 Agent OracleDIAgent encountered an error:

                  ODI-1405: Agent OracleDIAgent start failure: the agent is not defined in the to

                  pology for master repository.

                  2013-09-23 15:11:13.427 WARNING unavailable























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                    Hi Did you create Physical Agent in Topology with that same name and port,


                    if it is correct than


                    Check your Odiparams.sh file, i thnik u r give soem wrong information











                    if this information also correct , then are u tring to run ur agent in Unix env , or did u modified ur odiparams.sh file in windows and moving to unix

                    then do dos2unix for that file

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                      Thanks everyone who helped me to get this right.


                      Thanks sandy and ODI_NewUser


                      I solved my issue...this is how I solved it


                      1) Deleted existing OracleDIAgent from ODI studio.  Deleted all agents in ODI studio. So now no agent is present

                      2) executed agentstop.bat file to make sure OracleDIagent does not exist. since i removed it


                      3) created two agents in studio namely agent1 and agent2 running on 20910 and 20911 respectively

                      4) created one new batch file called agent_agent1.bat that contains one line as follows


                      C:\oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_1\oracledi\agent\bin\agent.bat -NAME=agent1 -PORT=20910



                      Similarly i created agent_agent2.bat file


                      And then i executed agent_agent1.bat file and my agent1 was running...


                      thanks everyone