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    unlock user standby


      Hi, I have a problem when one user is blocked in standby for wrong passwrds and after this I can not unlock this user in standby. How can I do this, without restart standby?





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          what error message are u getting..? what is current state of your standby database now..? What is ur Database version..? Is that account is locked in primary..?

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            Hi, I don´t have a error message. In my case, I have a account locked only in the standby, in primary the account is unlocked and work fine.

            The database version is

            The real problem is that I can´t unlocked a account in the standby, when one account is blocked for wrong passwords, for example, I can´t unlock this account in standby.

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              Lubiez Jean-Valentin



              You unlocked the account on the Primary, but are you sure that the change was propagated to the Standby ?


              Please, force a log switch [alter system switch logfile;] on the Primary and ensure that the archived log was applied to the Standby.


              Then, check for the account status on the Standby.


              Hope this help.

              Best regards,

              Jean-Valentin Lubiez

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                As Jean suggested - all the archivelogs are shipping to standby and both primary and secondary are in sync - When you giving " atler user <username> account unlock; wheat message are u getting..?

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                  Anar Godjaev


                  R u sure your database is not in readonly mode??

                  The database has been opened for read-only access. Attempts to modify the database using inappropriate DML or DDL statements generate this error. In order to modify the database, it must first be shut down and re-opened for read-write access.

                  thank you