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    How to Install JWSDP 1.6 on Windows 8 with JDK 1.6?


      Hello Friends, i am new at this forms. i have old project which uses JWSDP 1.6 for web services. i want to make some changes in projects. Firstly i need to install JWSDP 1.6 on my machine. My machine Configuration is :

      1. JDK 1.7

      2. OS (Windows 8)


      I download the JWSDP 1.6 from Java Archive Downloads - Java Web Services Developer Pack here. but when i try to install, it opens the command prompt and start verifying jdk 1.4 and after this verifying jdk 1.5 . After this the windows generate an error message "Install program correctly". i am new with JWSDP , please suggest me how to configure this with my machine or its requirement ?

      is it possible we use JWSDP with JDK 1.6 or 1.7 ?