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    OEDQ Process Queries




      I am using the OEDQ-Enterprise Data quality for profiling and cleaning purposes .


      I have few queries :


      1) Data : $123.45 is an amount in U.S Dollars and the material code for the machine is 12k.e345.


      I wish to remove the "Dot" in only specific places(Dot from U.S) of the data description. (Performing free text cleaning and profiling)


      2) How to use the processes used in OEDQ in the ODI. If there are multiple processes for a single table how should I integrate the processes in ODI Mappings ?


      3) Is there any english dictionary which can be integrated with the software to perform changes in the spellings.If yes, How ?


      4) Also how does the Delimiter , Contains, Start with, End with , Whole word work...The tool has many limitations while using regex to extract words and correct them in a free text.

      Whole word keyword does not work properly . It never identifies anything.


      Please provide some feedback on this.