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    Client_Get_File_Name webutil


      Hello all, i am new to oracle development and i am trying to do the forms exercises in oracle 10g. However, when i got to uploading images in Client_get_file_name, there is an error:


      I have a code in an image button.

      Here it is:


        v_file VARCHAR2(250):= client_get_file_name('C:\','','JPEG Files|*.jpg|',

           'Select a product image',open_file,TRUE);

        it_image_id ITEM := FIND_ITEM('control.product_image');





      Then when i press the image button, an error occurs it says:


      “FRM-92101: There was a failure in the Forms Server during stratup.”

      If ayone could help me..

      Thanks in advance!

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          FRM-92101 is a generic error and usually it means problems with Forms libraries (pll files). Try recompiling all your pll's or at least webutil.pll.

          If this does not help, try rename webutil.pll to webutil_lib.pll, for instance, and attach it to your form. For us webutil.pll did not work at all until we renamed it.

          Make sure you've subclassed Webutil Java beans from webutil.olb to your form.

          Let know if this helped.

          P.S. When working with files the better way is:

          1. Let user choose file (client_get_file_name or webutil_file.file_open_dialog)
          2. Transfer file to some temp directory on application server (webutil_file_transfer.client_to_as)
          3. Read file from application server using old Forms buil-in API, READ_IMAGE_FILE in this case.
          4. Delete file from temporary directory on application server

          This is better for network traffic and speed, since you transfer file once, but not performing many reads through network (which is slower than single transfer).