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    Setup view failing in label  - EMGC_MAIN_LINUX.X64_130914



      The setup view is failing for the label - EMGC_MAIN_LINUX.X64_130914.

      I have an open transaction in this label.

      The gmake build went through fine.


      It is failing with an error message. In the file - /ade/ptatwawa_bug_17294970_remove_ref_main/emgc/triage/work/setupview.log

      09/23/13 04:17:12 PDT

      EXECUTING Script /ade/ptatwawa_bug_17294970_remove_ref_main/emdev/test/triage/test/src/label_evaluator.ksh

      View configuration has failed.

      COMPLETED Script /ade/ptatwawa_bug_17294970_remove_ref_main/emdev/test/triage/test/src/label_evaluator.ksh


      I tried further debugging, It is checking for bad_label in a script and it fails if it finds a bad label.


      As my gmake build is going through fine, I am clueless why this is failing. please help.