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    Catch: could not retrieve wsdl imports for wsdl

    Stuart Fleming

      Hello, I am using JDeveloper and am configuring a catch in a BEPL for a web service.


      The web service itself works, and the composite that is calling the web service works properly.  I am now trying to configure the catch for the web service.  I create the catch, and double-click it to get the GUI for the configuration.


      I click on the magnifier to open the "Fault Chooser" window.  I click on the Partner links, then the service, and then the "Imported WSDL" for the service.  This exposes an error message:  Exception: could not retrieve wsdl imports for wsdl


      Given that the web service calls a service on a remote server (within my organization, however), I tried re-creating the web service call, and the second time specified that it "copythe WSDL and its dependent artifacts into the project" to see if this would allow the catch to "grab" the wsdl.


      It does not.  The wsdl is listed under the project wsdl files, but each project wsdl file does not show the necessary information.


      Does anyone know if I am doing anything incorrect?


      Points Vigorously awarded!