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    Re: Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.2 Media Pack v1 for Linux x86-64-bit avaliable NOW!


      Hi All,


      Have a good Morning!


      So as I said I would, I tried to install R12.2.2 this week-end.


      VM Config:

      4 CPU

      8gigs RAM

      500gigs HDD

      OREL 5.9


      I followed the document provided to install all the O/S pre-req. Everything went smooth.

      Downloaded all the files (From startCD 1/3 until last file before NLS media pack).

      Created the stage directory (unzipped startCD 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3 then ran Disk1/rapidwiz/bin/buildstage.sh [or something like that IIRC])

      Executed rapidwiz.


      Filled the rapidwiz install screens.

      Database installed successfully.


      Now for the application, the main install script start on friday ~5pm and sunday 3pm, it didn't move yet.

      Looking at the log file, I could see it copied all files, executed some scripts up to the main install part.


      Looking at the install pdf (in the Documents directory), Oracle recommend a minimum of 10gigs of RAM for 0-10 users. I though for a "lab" i would be fine, but I guess not (looking at "free -g" during the database install, I could see that I had 6gigs ram free and when the main apps install script start, I had 0 free, which seems to point in the same direction).


      So I ordered more RAM and will retry once I have more



      Have a good day!


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