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    Best Practice for monitoring database targets configured for Data Guard


      We are in the process of migrating our DB targets to 12c Cloud Control. 


      In our current 10g environment the Primary Targets are monitored and administered by OEM GC A, and the Standby Targets are monitored by OEM GC B.  Originally, I believe this was because of proximity and network speed, and over time it evolved to a Primary/Standby separation.  One of the greatest challenges in this configuration is keeping OEM jobs in sync on both sides (in case of switchover/failover).


      For our new OEM CC environment we are setting up CC A and CC B.  However, I would like to determine if it would be smarter to monitor all DB targets (Primary and Standby) from the same CC console.  In other words, monitor and administer DB Primary and Standby from the same OEM CC Console.   I am trying to determine the best practice.  I am not sure if administering a swichover from Cloud Control from Primary to Standby requires that both targets are monitored in the same environment or not.


      I am interested in feedback.   I am also interested in finding good reference materials (I have been looking at Oracle documentation and other documents online).   Thanks for your input and thoughts.  I am deliberately trying to keep this as concise as possible.