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    Trouble setting up linux rpm repository


      I have oracle cloud control 12c ( installed. I am trying to setup a linux repository on the same host that is running cloud control. I have setup the software library directory and registered the host on the ULN. I also changed it to be a yum repo server on ULN. I created a user called oma for the setup. I added all the sudo access that I could find in the docs, but I cannot create the repo. The job gets as far as installing uln registration packages and fails. This is the last message I see in the job output.



      Step: stageOmsFileEntry (Error)
      INFO [Tue Sep 24 08:21:06 CDT 2013]Validating input params ...
      INFO [Tue Sep 24 08:21:06 CDT 2013]Initiating staging of file entry [uln_register_comp.zip] ...


      Any ideas? I have an SR open, but that is slow going.