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    Preferences: Code Editor: Printing:  Add File Path and Date to Print Header?


      Is there a way to add file full path and date to the print file header for a SQL Worksheet when printing from the Code Editor?  So, for example, if my SQL worksheet is called MySQL.sql and is saved to C:\Myfiles\SQL_Code\, I'd like to print the full path 'C:\Myfiles\SQL_Code\MySQL.sql' and today's date as part of the print header along with the page numbers at the top of the code.   I see a Java preview in the Preferences: Code Editor: Printing window that mentions a "Today" date but I don't know Java and that is an uneditable preview.  I have checked the "Print File Header" check box.  Is the file header definition stored somewhere in a configuration file and/or is there a way to modify/customize the default file header?  


      I am a new user to SQL Nav. version Build-MAIN  09.87. I could do this in SQL Navigator but can't figure it out in SQLDeveloper. Thank you.