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    Native Groups(HSS) with Explorer access cannot see objects in Workspace


      Hi  All


      We have a strange issue with Hyperion env , if we give a native group in shared service , explorer access and provide the group view access to folders and files in workspace .  The user belonging to the group cannot see the folders and files  in workspace . The version of EPM is . But we give view access specifically to the explorer role in workspace , then the user will be able to see the reports and folder


      As part of this upgrade , we migrated reports and secuirty from 9..3.3 using the below process .  Not sure if this cauing the issue


      1. got the secuirty export from 9.3.3 using the hssmigrate utility and then during configuration of HSS 11.2.2 , on the "import data from ealier version" step we imported the export from 9.3.3

      2. Also for configuration on the reports , we are using the option Upgrade existing database to the current release from 9.3.3+ during db congiruation and using the RM1 copied over from 9.3.3 server

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