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    Duplication doesnt recover until set time asks for more archives


      Hi all


      Today i refreshed Database (TST)


      Datafile backup was taken ataround 21:33 and at same time controlfile was taken backup then start Archive files backup and then again 2nd time controlfile was taken backup


      Sep 24 20:15 DF_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 20:36 DF_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 20:56 DF_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 21:11 DF_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 21:33 DF_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 21:33 CF_c-20130924-00_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 21:36 AF_13318_1_afterbu_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 21:37 AF_13319_1_afterbu_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 21:37 AF_13320_1_afterbu_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 21:40 AF_13317_1_afterbu_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 21:40 AF_13314_1_afterbu_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 21:40 AF_13315_1_afterbu_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 21:40 AF_13316_1_afterbu_PROD.bak

      Sep 24 21:40 CF_c-616662153-20130924-01_PROD.bak



      this was the backup taken with catalog also

      CF is control file

      AF is archives

      DF is datafiles


      now while doing refresh i used

      set until time "to_date(upper('24-Sep-20132133'),'DD-MON-YYYYHH24MI')+(1/24/60)";

      Since 1st control file was taken and 21:33 and 1/24/60 means recover database until 21:33 + 1minute


      After this also duplication is asking for archives which are generated latest .


      please suggest me on this why database is not able to recover and left in mounted stage as it should be able to open database without any issue