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      Everytime I execute the startup command the following logs are generated ----

      (1)  [  OCROSD][3070432960]utopen:6':failed in stat OCR file/disk /oracle/oragrid/product/db10g/

      cdata/localhost/local.ocr, errno=2, os err string=No such file or directory


      (2) [  OCROSD][3070432960]utopen:7:failed to open OCR file/disk /oracle/oragrid/product/db10g/cdata/localhost/local.ocr , errno=2, os err string=No such file or directory


      (3) [  OCRRAW][3070432960]proprinit: Could not open raw device


      (4) [ default][3070432960]a_init:7!: Backend init unsuccessful : [26]    


        (5): [ CSSCLNT][3070432960]clsssinit: Unable to access OCR device in OCR init. 


                                                             ---- any idea about cause /resolve

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          Rajesh Lathwal

          Please post more details ?


          Which oracle product you are trying to start ? Oracle Version ?


          Command used to start etc.


          From logs it looks like you are not able to access OCR disk . Is file /oracle/oragrid/product/db10g/cdata/localhost/local.ocr available ?


          Also this forum is related to OEM , please post these questions in RAC forum.




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